Group Lesson
Join a small group of 2-6 people for fun and interactive lessons. Both face to face and online classes are available.
Our private tuition is fully flexible. You can take lessons whenever suits your schedule.

Fun off-site Japanese conversation lessons on a wide variety of topics!  From discussing the latest news to trivia nights and more!

What makes us special?

✔️ Fun and laidback atmosphere 

KonnichiWhat is the friendliest school in Australia. Learning language can be intimidating but WE GOT YOU! The atmosphere in our classes is always very casual and relaxed so you don’t even feel like you are “studying”.

✔️ Experienced bilingual teachers 

All our teachers are not only qualified BUT they’re also highly experienced teachers, making learning fun, easy and productive!  Our bilingual teachers are happy to answer all your questions!

✔️ Communication focused 

The focus of our classes is effective and efficient communication. Our interactive approach will help you develop excellent communication skills and you will have a lot of opportunities to practice in common real-life situations and scenarios.

✔️ Original materials

You will use our original textbooks which are developed based on students’ needs. We will also provide tutorial videos to help you understanding Japanese grammar. 

✔️ Immersive experience 

Your experience with us will bring into light the complete and total Japanese experience. The culture and Your experience with us will bring into light the complete and total Japanese experience. The culture and language are tightly-knit so it is very important to understand the tradition in order to improve Japanese language. You’ll feel like you are in Japan with our immersive environment.

Our Reviews

Zoe Tang-ChongZoe Tang-Chong
02:34 06 Jul 24
I have been taking lessons from Kumi-san for the last 5 months and have had a great time. I have learnt so much and feel quite confident in my Japanese speaking abilities. They are extremely encouraging, and their curriculum enables you to learn how to speak Japanese in a comprehensive way. Their materials include reading, speaking, writing, and listening.Absolutely fantastic!
Gracia GGracia G
07:49 08 Jun 24
I have been studying at Konnichiwhat for 1.5 years now and highly recommend this school. Kumi-sensei, Fuyuka-sensei and Minori-sensei are great, passionate teachers. Classes are always engaging and often challenging, but the teachers are very patient and supportive. The small class size is a plus for me. I really enjoy studying here and I can feel massive improvement in my Japanese.
Aaron WillcoxAaron Willcox
06:29 03 Jun 24
There are many Japanese language schools around and some of them are better than others in different way. What this school does right it ALL OF THEM!! Best Japanese school ever! Even if you dont intend on learning Japanese you should come here and learn Japanese anyway. Lots of fun and no environmental pressure to be the whiz kid either. Its an engaging and supportive environment!
Sara HardySara Hardy
03:17 31 May 24
If you're looking to learn Japanese, I can't recommend KonnichiWhat enough! Every class is so well structured! I do the private online classes and they are incredibly understanding and flexible if you need to adjust dates and times.I'm really impressed with what a safe, fun learning environment KonnichiWhat has created. I'm a person who's always worried about making mistakes(even though that's part of the learning journey..), but Miho-sensei has been so encouraging and kind that I'm becoming less and less worried about that and instead focusing on the wins! Learning another language is hard and I personally have a long way to go, but these classes are the highlight of my week and I'm so excited to continue to eventual fluency!KonnichiWhat, ありがとうございます。
06:37 27 May 24
Great and helpful teachers that want you to succeed, engaging and fun learning environment, excellent textbook content, and flexible to your hours.
Warren GoldburgWarren Goldburg
10:20 21 May 24
I’ve had an amazing experience learning Japanese with Kumi at KonnichiWhat. From the very first class, she was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, making me feel right at home. Her teaching methods are fantastic—she has a way of making the lessons both relaxed and highly effective, which really helped me retain the information. Plus, she knows how to make learning fun! I highly recommend KonnichiWhat for anyone looking to learn Japanese in a welcoming and enjoyable environment.
Caitlyn MarchmentCaitlyn Marchment
03:30 20 May 24
I have recently completed my first term and it has been an amazing experience! The teachers are kind and supportive, every class feels informative and we learn so much while also having fun. I look forward to each class every week and always feel welcomed! It sounds cheesy but I truly do feel like this has been the best learning experience I’ve had
00:22 20 May 24
I really enjoy learning Japanese with Kumi & her team at KonnichiWhat. The classes are interesting with a focus on grammar, vocabulary & kanji. I recommend KonnichiWhat to anyone looking to advance their Nihongo skills.
Valkyrie BlackValkyrie Black
04:03 17 May 24
Anyone considering learning Japanese shouldn’t hesitate enrol! The class sizes are small, which makes learning a lot more focused. Kumi-sensei, Fuyuka-sensei and Minori-sensei are all really patient and knowledgeable teachers. They make classes a great learning environment, and I’m really grateful to them for improving my Japanese!
Lo JunnyLo Junny
10:38 15 May 24
I have been learning Japanese at KonnichiWhat school. It has been a very much enjoyable experience with lots of fun and interactive practices. The teachers are very helpful and understand exactly what I wanted to ask about in class. I have fully engaged in the learnings. Highly recommended !
Stephen RogersonStephen Rogerson
03:43 14 May 24
I just signed up for my second eight week term at this friendly school. As a novice Japanese learner, the lessons are well structured, the classes are small (4-5 in ours) and the teachers are great.
Alison RabinoviciAlison Rabinovici
02:54 03 May 24
I have been studying Japanese on Zoom for three years, having followed my teacher from a previous Language School. Konnichiwhat teachers are the ultimate professionals; always reliable, encouraging, clear, and happy for the progress of their students.
Andy BealeAndy Beale
22:59 12 Mar 24
I can't speak highly enough of KonnichiWhat and all of the sensei's there! After a recent trip to Japan, I decided it would be fun to try and learn the language, so that the next trip I take I might be able to speak a little and immerse myself further. I was made to feel welcome from day 1, and it's been a fun and rewarding learning experience so far. I've recently completed term 1 and will shortly be starting term 2. Thank you to all of the amazing KonnichiWhat team 🙂
03:30 23 Feb 24
Cannot stress enough how good these guys are. They make you feel welcomed and comfortable right off the bat. I transferred over from an another school who could not meet my timetable needs and it was a great change.Small class sizes and reasonable pricing for private lessons if needed as well. Would highly highly recommend if you’re learning Japanese or want to learn. Kumi and Fukyuka are both lovely. ☺️
Christopher-David BrilChristopher-David Bril
00:32 07 Feb 24
Konnichiwat is the best and cutest Japanese Language school in Australia. If you live in Melbourne, join up for a thorough and enjoyable Japanese learning experience. The classes can be challenging but we learn a lot every week ;o). The class sizes are small so you will get a lot of attention.
22:49 02 Feb 24
I have been studying Japanese at Konnichiwhat for just under a year now, and would highly recommend the school for anyone thinking about learning Japanese. Kumi Sensei, Fuyuka Sensei and Minori Sensei are all excellent teachers in their own right, and provide friendly and engaging lessons week after week! The lessons and content are structured progressively and at a good pace, with real world applications of the Japanese language.
Siyuan HuSiyuan Hu
09:06 16 Dec 23
I highly recommend KonnichiWhat Japanese Language School for anyone passionate about Japanese language and culture in Melbourne. The native Japanese teachers are not only well-prepared and responsible but also radiate cheerfulness and energy, making every class a joy. Their approach to teaching, blending language skills with cultural insights, leaves me feeling happy and enriched after each lesson. It's a welcoming environment where learning Japanese feels both immersive and enjoyable. An ideal choice for anyone seeking a deep, authentic dive into Japanese culture.
Riley BoothRiley Booth
05:00 15 Dec 23
After struggling to keep up with university level Japanese, Kumi helped me not only keep up with my studies but advance them further in other aspects (applying for external tests and programs). I studied with Kumi for well over a year and the one on one lessons were more helpful than anything else. Being able to practice conversation, learn at my own pace and learn vocab which was more useful/relevant to my life made learning Japanese so much easier.I'm incredibly grateful for everything I learnt whilst studying at KonnichiWhat and highly recommend them for anyone wishing to study or struggling to study Japanese.
09:43 14 Dec 23
I've been studying with both Kumi-sensei and Fuyuka-sensei for about three years now, and am looking forward to continuing my studies here in 2024 and beyond.If you're looking for a friendly environment to learn Japanese you can't go wrong here!I should also note I'm just wrapping up a 6 week journey to Japan as I write this and suffice to say it's been great to know enough of the language to get along with locals and understand the directions of staff and waiters without any misunderstandings, which has become even more important as I was recently diagnosed with ceoliac disease (not so fun fact, soy sauce contains wheat most of the time!).
Nina NguyenNina Nguyen
10:24 08 Dec 23
I’ve studied Japanese here for more than a year now and it’s a great place for everyone. The teachers are very kind and understand the way you learn which helped me improve Japanese quickly. The classrooms are relatively small which makes the learning environment easy to focus. I recommend this place if you’re studying Japanese, and if you’re nervous, it’s okay !! They’re the nicest people you’ll ever meet and will welcome you warmly.Thank you Konnichiwhat Team !! I couldn’t have done it without you.
emerald elliottemerald elliott
03:22 01 Dec 23
After a recent trip to Japan I signed up for a semester with KonnichiWhat. Kumi san, Minori san and Miho san are really excellent teachers - they go above and beyond with making you feel welcome and comfortable as soon as you step in the door. The classes are smaller than previous Japanese classes I have taken, so you benefit from very personal tutoring. Also the material is engaging and comes with cute graphics which help when memorising the content. Kumi san is always prompt with her communication and will go out of her way to help you out with your studies in anyway she can. In a short time I felt my Japanese improved alot and I am looking forward to enrolling in my next semester. 10/10 would recommend Konnichiwhat. Arigato gozaimasu Kumi san and team!
Richard AllmanRichard Allman
03:13 05 Oct 23
Kumi and her team have an infectious enthusiasm for teaching and learning Japanese. Their lessons are extremely enjoyable - and useful !I recommend KonnichiWhat to anyone who is considering a Japanese course
Parker VallisParker Vallis
06:07 01 Oct 23
I can’t recommend the team from konnichiwhat enough, Kumi, Minori and Fuyuka are all amazing teachers and make learning Japanese so much fun! The effort and preparation that goes into each class is noticeable and translates into a great experience. Looking forward to continuing my studies here.
A terrific 8-week introductory course designed for travelers to Japan. Delivered in small classes by lovely expert patient teachers.
Evan TindalEvan Tindal
13:43 16 Aug 23
Prior to finding KonnichiWhat, I’d previously tried to learn Japanese through self-study with textbooks but found it difficult to progress. I’m now into my second course with KW and couldn’t be happier with the experience. Kumi-san and her team are very prepared every class and clearly invested in providing a fun and productive learning experience for students.I’m very glad I found this school and look forward to working towards fluency!
Insan PribadiInsan Pribadi
02:45 07 Aug 23
initially i thought id done with introduction class, but i cant help it to continue on with next level.Miho sensei really makes learning fun, challenging and at great pace.a big plus is their support for online learning too for people outside Melbourne
Amy MAmy M
05:28 31 Jul 23
An excellent school to learn Japanese from native speakers with great language teaching skills. They offer fun, friendly and small classes, you won't find better Japanese teachers anywhere!
Kadin BoyleKadin Boyle
08:35 19 Jul 23
I originally started learning Japanese at KonnichiWhat earlier this year before my trip to Japan, but after coming back I had enjoyed it so much I decided to keep learning!Kumi san and the team are great teachers, are patient (even when I make mistakes 😆), and always make the classes fun and engaging. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to learn in a fun, energetic, and friendly environment!
B FonzarelliB Fonzarelli
12:47 30 May 23
I am glad I gained an introduction to the Japanese language from Kumi-San, Fuyuka-San and Akiko-San at KonnichiWhat. I did their ‘Introduction to Japanese’ and ‘Japanese for Travellers courses’. Their lessons were helpful during my first trip to Japan. I could buy train tickets, catch the train and order in restaurants! I was even able to order a cheesecake doughnut at Shinagawa Station. The food court there is amazing. You can easily have breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner there! The doughnut was addictive! If it was not for my lessons, I would not have been able to buy that doughnut!!Also, after telling an elderly lady in the lift at Tokyo Station I was from Australia (Watashi wa osutoraria jin desu/わたし は オーストラリアじん です); well she eagerly wanted to have a conversation with me. Unfortunately, I’m not up to that standard yet. That means I need to return to KonnichiWhat for more lessons so I can have a conversation with that lady next time I bump into her at Tokyo Station.So thank you to the teachers at KonnichiWhat.
Lisa SimsLisa Sims
22:06 19 Mar 23
My husband and I enjoyed every minute of our Japanese lessons with Miho and were surprised how much we were able to learn in a short time frame. It was both challenging and lots of fun and we felt very encouraged and supported by our lovely teacher. Any communication with the school was replied to very promptly. Looking forward to further lessons.
Chris EngelChris Engel
04:06 06 Mar 23
I was a first time student of Konnichiwhat and a Japanese language newbie. I found the course material and Kumi's Team approach to delivering the course content as first rate. I also enjoyed the company of my fellow students who I found to be polite, fun and encouraging.My goal from the outset was to show the Japanese people as much respect as I could muster through the use of Japanese language on my upcoming holiday to Japan. I feel that I achieved that goal and exceeded my expectations with the level of competency that I gained.I highly recommend the course (Japanese Introductory) to anyone. It was great fun and a thoroughly enjoyable challenge.
Joshua Braines-MeadJoshua Braines-Mead
02:38 01 Mar 23
I can't recommend KonnichWhat school and Kumi & Fuyuka enough as a beginner learning Japanese. Every class has been of such high quality and you learn so much per term, without feeling overwhelmed. The teachers bring so much energy and passion into their work that it's so much fun to be in their classes. Highly recommend!!!
Patrick LPatrick L
09:07 07 Dec 22
I've been learning at KonnichiWhat for a few months now, having started at another school in Melbourne. I have to say I'm really enjoying the difference at KonnichiWhat. They are always very well prepared and make the lessons really interesting. The teachers, while almost always speaking just Japanese, also have very good English skills, so they can understand your questions well. They are really friendly, professional and I can tell I'm learning faster. I highly recommend KonnichiWhat.
Rodney ShRodney Sh
04:59 05 Dec 22
Fantastic place to both base or supplement you’re Japanese learning. The teachers are patient and encouraging. Whether you’re new to the language or looking to hone your advanced skills, Konnichiwhat is equally brilliant.
Travis ZimmermanTravis Zimmerman
04:23 28 Sep 22
I started at Konnichiwhat a little over a month ago and I can already see big progress in my Japanese language learning Journey. Fuyuka-sensei as well as Kumi-sensei are always enthusiastic, patient and ready to answer any questions I have during the lesson. they are bilingual which helps as they can explain things in English when needed. Their joy for teaching is so evident and that makes the classes fun and helps me learn faster. The lessons are well thought out and engaging without being overwhelming and I constantly feel like I'm making progress. If you're looking to learn Japanese, whether it be in a small group in person or private lessons over zoom, the teachers are amazing, the classes are engaging and it's just been really fun! I highly recommend Konnichiwhat 🙂
Annette HongAnnette Hong
00:18 27 Aug 22
I am coming to the end of my third term with KonnichiWhat and time has flown. Kumi-san and Fuyuka-san are such passionate teachers who have been so patient with me, especially with my very poor reading of Hiragana. Both are bilingual and can explain things in English when needed and that makes learning so much easier. Lessons are always fun and I look forward to term 4 with KonnichiWhat. If you are looking to learn with great teachers, in a small group and a fun environment, I highly recommend Konnichiwhat 🙂
11:47 22 Aug 22
I’ve been studying with Konnichiwhat Japanese Language School for 5 months now.I started as a complete beginner who knew only a few words but now I can confidently speak sentences and attempt basic conversations.When looking for a Japanese school I had a few options but ultimately I decided on Konnichiwhat School because it was a newer, smaller school who only opened this year and was also conveniently located on Little Colins St (5min walk from Flinders) And let me tell you…I am so happy I decided to go with KonnichiWhat.Kumi Sensei has taught me everything I know and has been so supportive and encouraging. She is everything you need as a Japanese language teacher and I think that if you are someone who was like me, a complete beginner or even if you just want to touch up your Japanese then Konnichiwhat is the school for you.Although I have only been taught by Kumi Sensei, I know that there are other teachers there who are also amazing.I seriously cannot thank Kumi Sensei and the Konnichiwhat school enough and I look forward to learning more about Japanese language and Japanese culture with them!I promise you won’t look back after you have chosen to learn Japanese with The Konnichiwhat School💗💗💗
Philip HoPhilip Ho
01:59 02 Jul 22
Me and my friend had just finished the 1st term in KonnichiWhat Japanese school. We studyed in a small group and Ms Kumi and Ms Fuyuka are always very friendly and welcome any questions we have about the language or the Japanese culture. Classes are fun and well paced, new concepts and grammer structures are explained to us very clearly. Special arrangements for online class were arranged easily when I had to isolate for a week during the term. Me and my frined both enjoyed studying at KonnichiWhat and looking forward to term 2!
Sim BaSim Ba
06:50 24 Jun 22
Professional, focused, well prepared and a huge amount of fun learning Japanese at KonnichiWhat. I'm making fast progress from my twice weekly private lessons with Kumi. I look forward to them every week.
Maaika PostMaaika Post
10:58 16 Jun 22
I have completed one term of classes (upper intermediate) at Konnichiwhat so far. Kumi-sensei and Fuyuka-sensei are wonderful teachers who differentiate their teaching to suit all learners. The lessons are fun and have a focus on conversation skills, with some structured textbook activities. I am looking forward to another term at Konnichiwhat.
Kerry WKerry W
03:36 24 Mar 22
I started learning Japanese on Duolingo 6 months ago but soon felt I also needed a tutor to listen to, practise speaking with, and to teach me more broadly. I can't believe how lucky I am to have found Kumi. She is a fabulous teacher, and lots of fun as well! I have made huge progress with her in my hour long, weekly, online sessions, and can't recommend her highly enough. Thank you Kumi!!!!
09:17 17 Mar 22
Whether you’re starting from “Konnichiwa” or are a seasoned Japanese learner, you’ll inevitably find yourself in a state of dismay from time to time, asking the question, “…what?”. As I often do! I have been studying Japanese by myself for some years, but recently felt I wanted more opportunity to speak, and a teacher to help answer all my questions.I chose KonnichiWhat because of the smaller classes and the reputation and experience of the teachers. Straight into my first class I quickly found myself enjoying the lively teaching style and bright atmosphere!I’ve been looking forward to my weekly class ever since, and now a little sad that I have to wait two weeks for term 2 to begin. Most importantly, I feel I have learned a great deal this term, and I definitely feel more encouraged and motivated!I would highly recommend KonnichiWhat for anyone who, like me, is looking for smaller, more focussed classes, and teachers who are great at making that time enjoyable and productive! Good things really do come in small packages, and this school is a hidden gem in my opinion!
Matt JonesMatt Jones
05:57 11 Mar 22
KonnichiWhat is a fantastic place to learn Japanese.I started learning Japanese with Kumi sensei as a complete beginner two years ago and have had a great experience.The lessons are always fun and interactive, with lots of opportunities to ask questions or slow down if I'm finding a certain part a bit difficult.I'd recommend online or in-person lessons. Either way they are well planned, clearly explain the topic, and include real-world examples.
Sanny PrawiraSanny Prawira
10:53 04 Mar 22
Great place to learn Japanese!! Kumi-san is very patient, friendly and knows how to pace the lesson well each class. She’s always conversing in Japanese which encourages me to respond in kind, but she’s also ready to translate any words I struggle with. Thank you for always listening to my very slow and full of grammatical errors Japanese! All in all, highly recommended 🙂
garth portergarth porter
22:15 13 Feb 22
I would highly recommend KonnichiWhat to anyone wanting to learn Japanese, My experience has been very positive and Kumisan makes the lessons very enjoyable. All in all a great place to learn Japanese 😊
James DunwoodyJames Dunwoody
19:35 20 Dec 21
I’ve been a student of KonnichiWhat for more than two years and have really enjoyed the experience. I’ve used both in-person and zoom lessons and in each case my teacher was always clear and easy to understand. The lesson format for one-on-one lessons works really well for me. When I am ready to move on we don’t waste time, and when some grammar or phrase isn’t sticking we take the time to get comfortable with it before moving on. I haven’t had a chance to visit the new office yet but it looks good in pictures and would be convenient for me in the city.
virendra bhandarivirendra bhandari
11:35 14 Dec 21
I've been taking Japanese lessons from Kumi just under a year now. I've always loved the Japanese culture and have been interested in learning Japanese. Kumi has been an amazing in the way she teaches Japanese, her approach is clear and easy to understand. She takes time to ensure that her students understand the content and can apply it beyond theclassroom.
Josh WhiteJosh White
17:04 13 Dec 21
Konnichiwhat is a great place to learn Japanese. I would highly recommend Kumi as a Sensei, she has made something that was extremely difficult and which made no sense to me, just in a short time seem so simple.ありがとうございます
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