Pre – Intermediate Description

This course is for those who have completed Elementary courses or reached N5 level. Pre-Intermediate  brings together the fundamentals of Japanese. You will increase your vocabulary, and begin to really start speaking!

– There are 5 levels in Pre-Intermediate  and it takes 10 weeks to complete each level.   If you are not sure of your level, take a quick level check or get in touch.

Duration8 weeks ( 2 hours / session )
Class Size2-6 people
TextbookMinna no Nihongo shokyu 2

What you will learn


Pre – Intermediate 1
Various uses of んです (あめ ふっているんですか
Potential verb (さしみが 食べられます)
Talking about someone doing two actions at the same time(テレビをみながら、ばんごはんを 食べます)
Describe two or more merits and reasons (あのレストランは おいしいし、やすいです)
Intransitive verb (ドアが しまります)
Describe resulting state (えが かざってあります)
Volitional form (えいがを みよう!)
Pre – Intermediate 2

Giving advice (くすりを 飲んだほうがいいです)
Predicting the weather (あしたは はれるでしょう)
Imperative form/ Prohibitive form (とまれ/はいるな)
Tell someone to do it as the same way (わたしがいったとおりに、いってください)
Conditional form(はるになれば、さくらが さきます)
Giving the purpose of actions (日本語がはなせるように、べんきょうします)
Pre – Intermediate 3
Passive verb(わたしは せんせいに ほめられました)
Saying what you think about the activity (えを 書くのは、たのしいです)
Saying the course of your feeling. (ニュースを 聞いて、びっくりしました)
Indirect question (なにを 食べるか かんがえています) 

Pre – Intermediate 4

Saying what you receive from someone in higher status (しゃちょうに おみやげを いただきました)
Giving the purpose of actions (日本に すむために、日本語を べんきょうします)
Saying how a thing/ person looks like. (あめが ふりそうです)
Saying something is easy/ hard to do. (この本は わかりにくいです)
Saying what to do incase something happens. (あめが ふったばあいは、ちゅうしです)
Pre – Intermediate 5
Stressing a certain point in time during the course of an action. (でんしゃに のったところです)
Telling someone what you have heard. (あしたは あめが ふるそうです)
Saying what seems like. (コンサートが はじまるようです)
Causative verb(母は わたしに やさいを 食べさせました)
Respectful expressions (しゃちょうは おでかけに なりました)
Humble expressions (わたくしが にもつを おもちします)