Intermediate Description

This course is for those who have completed Pre-Intermediate courses or reached N4 level. Each week you will  learn new Japanese grammar and develop more complex sentence structures, while enhancing your speaking skills with discussions and debates on a variety of cultural and current affairs topics.

– There are 4 levels in Intermediate and it takes 8 weeks to complete each level.  If you are not sure of your level, take a quick level check or get in touch.

Duration8 weeks ( 2 hours / session )
Class Size2-6 people
TextbookChuukyuu e ikou

What you will learn

Intermediate 1


Intermediate 2

Reading a graph ~で見ると~ことがわかる
Change Adjective into Noun
Change Verb into Noun
Noun modifier
~ために (Cause/Purpose)
Passive Verb
Intermediate 3

「と/ば/たら/なら」 Conditional sentences


Intermediate 4

Linking words(つまり・一方)
Causative passive verb
Causative verb / Passive verb / Causative passive verb
Honorific expressions