Term 4 Enrolment OPEN!!

Study Japanese in a small group! Our general Japanese language courses are immersive, interactive and delivered by our highly experienced teachers both in the physical and virtual class. 
*If you can not find your level on the timetable or are not sure which class to take, shoot us a message. We are happy to find out the best class for you.

Term 4: 14 Aug – 6 Oct (8 weeks)
*No lessons on public holidays

Early Bird $10 OFF!! Enrol by 29 July
Price :$400⇨$390 (2 hours courses/16 hours)
$320⇨$310 (Intermediate 1.5 hours courses/12 hours)
$410⇨$400 (JLPT Preparation courses/16 hours)
$210⇨$200 (1 hour courses/ 8 hours)

Class Day Time
Introduction Monday 17:30-19:40 (Onsite)  
Wednesday  17:30-19:40 (Onsite)  
Saturday 16:20-18:30 (Online)
Elementary-1 Tuesday 17:30-19:40 (Onsite)
Saturday 14:00-16:10 (Onsite) 
Saturday 16:20-18:30 (Online)
Elementary-2 Tuesday 17:30-19:40 (Onsite)
Elementary-3 Wednesday 10:30-12:40 (Onsite)
Thursday  17:30-19:40 (Onsite)
Saturday 11:20-13:30 ( Onsite)
Pre-Intermediate-1 Thursday 18:40-20:50 (Onsite)
Pre-Intermediate-3 Wednesday 17:30-19:40 (Onsite)
Pre-Intermediate-5 Friday 18:40-20:50 (Onsite)
Upper-Intermediate Wednesday 17:00-18:30 (Onsite)
JLPT Preparation Saturday 16:20-18:30 (Online)
Conversation (N2-1) On request On request
Survival Japanese for Travellers Friday 17:30-18:30 (Onsite)

As we are a new school, we make our timetable based on students’ request. Let us know your level and availability.

Classes can be opened with a minimum of 3 students.

How do I enrol ?

①GO to Enrol page.

②Fill the enrolment form.

③We will contact you with class details and payment info  🙂


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